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After being established, the knowledge-based company “Jiran Science and technology” started its activity as a startup on modeling and then commercializing the idea of using α-Pinene in toothpaste and replacing it with the existing preservative and antibacterial compounds. After prototyping, this product became knowledge-based and then settled in the Science and Technology Park. The company’s first product based on this startup entered the market under the name “Alpha Danan” as a pilot, and after receiving feedback, the production of Alpha Dent began with a more efficient formulation.

The company has made environmental considerations its top priority and believes that living in harmony with nature can lead to a healthier life. It is hoped that with more efforts in the direction of brand ideals, with the increasing development of products, more effective steps will be taken to achieve the hygiene and health of society.

has been able to be a healthier product by replacing natural extract of Pistacia Atlantica Kurdica (Alpha-pinene) with preservatives and harmful chemical antibacterial compounds (such as parabens and triclosan). In addition to the above, its antifungal and anti-inflammatory and restorative properties have added value to health, prevention, and restoration of the mouth and teeth. In addition to these items, the special taste and smell of this extract, which is the same taste and smell of turpentine, is pleasant for those who are interested in turpentine. This taste and smell in the products of toothpaste produced in the world is unique and creates a new experience for the consumer.


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